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On the internet one can find dozens of casino sites, trying to attract new players every day. The options are endless, so knowledgeable professionals have complied lists of rankings and reviews to help those searching for the best online casinos in Germany. These articles are updated regularly to keep up with the rapidly changing standards of online gambling.

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How to choose an online casino in Germany?

The most efficient way to choose an online casino is to look at various reviews and rankings. This article encompasses the most popular casinos and makes it easier for the hesitating player to make their choice. Furthermore, Germany online casinos are assigned a list that features a broad range of criteria they must fulfil so that they can be the best fit for the gamblers with more specific preferences.

Before you sign up, I suggest you take time to consider these two factors. Firstly, if the casino provides safe and quick banking options, especially what kind of deposit and withdrawal methods are available. Second, if the operator offers generous Welcome Bonus, promotions and quality customer support. This is a quick method beginner can use to separate the high-quality casinos from the ones with a more questionable reputation.

License and Security

When talking about online gambling, Germany has evoked regulations that have just now become less strict and more accessible. In previous years, the rules were complicated and vague. For example, online poker rooms could accept new players, but there were restrictions in the selection of live casino games.

Generally speaking, betting on sports was banned, and the providers themselves even blocked their customers. Banks took rather drastic measures by not allowing the players to make deposits or to withdraw cash from any gambling establishments. The only exception was slot machines – these games relied on the Random Number Generator rule.

In a great turn of events and for the joy of all German casino enthusiasts, September 2011 marks the day when the Schleswig-Holstein Parliament accepted the passing of the gambling reform. Thus, a license was created for the casinos and poker rooms to apply to work legally. Of course, the government is in control of all the gambling establishments and frequently regulates their activities. Although, there are still some grey areas- the rules that are established slowly depend on the policy of each federal state. If you are a player, but you’re still in doubt, remember that it’s completely legal to play at Germany online casinos, as long as you double-check the requirements before you decide to register.

Bonuses and Promotions

Because Germany is new to the gambling business, bonuses offers and promotions are a big part of recruiting members. The larger operators ensure you get your winnings paid, so I recommend looking for the most popular casinos to avoid transaction issues in the future.

Big Welcome Bonus Packages are a tempting invitation for the new players. This is a smart way to begin betting, using a small sum, and gradually increase their winnings the more they play. Loyalty programmes and special promotions help the gamblers gather points, which makes the amount of money they can withdraw larger with each game.

Banking Options

The most common payment method is by deposits- they’re not restricted by time or means of incorporation, and this makes them most convenient for the players. Other ways to receive and send money is through credit cards and cheques, although they aren’t used as much.

Due to the complex history of gambling legalization, Germans prefer to use international means of payment, with the aid of companies like Skrill and NETELLER. This way is safer because the rules and payment methods of online gambling in the country are monitored by foreign companies, mainly UK ones. Germany has a bank transfer named SOFORT, which can be used only by its native citizens.

Games Portfolio

The online game selection in German casinos is the same as in real-life; slots, poker, roulette, video slots, bingo, keno, blackjack, baccarat. At the very least, the rules, in general, are the same. The only difference is you can play using a computer or an array of mobile devices instead of going to an actual building.

Jackpot slots, sports betting and free games are three of the most popular games in German online casinos. The large variety is but one component of the tactics operators use to bring in new players. The other is opportune sponsoring. German online gambling is supported by manufacturers such as Mercur, Novomatic, Net Entertainment, Microgaming, Big Time Gaming, Playtech and IGT.

Live casino games use a live dealer to operate the tables. The casinos operate with large amounts of money daily, and technology helps the operators undertake fast financial operations. However, in using a real person to oversee and moderate the transactions, the casino reassures the players that their money won’t be lost during an online exchange.

Customer Support

Customer support is crucial to German operators of online casinos. The most common way of communication is through emails, telephone calls and live chats. The highly qualified personnel is accessible 24/7 to explain in detail about the different services and additional benefits that are available to the player. The primary function of these experts is to give clarity on the topics the players are wondering about, so don’t be afraid to check with them if you’re confused about any parts of the gambling process.

How to register at a Germany online casino?

Keeping in mind the gambling reforms made in recent years, I must emphasize that It’s not easy to sign up at a German online casino. What I mean is that depending on the federal state, there can be mild differences in the way operators create the registration forms. With that said, the steps themselves are relatively easy to follow.

Find a casino site that has piqued your interest from the list above, then click on the big ‘Play Now’ button, fill in the needed information and begin playing. I’d recommend you pay special attention to the requirements listed in the form and what options the gamblers have to increase their profits. This helps you get a better understanding of the ways you can play the games and ensures that you have a good time.

Frequently Asked Questions

The appeal of this game mostly comes from being able to check your hand and accordingly to basic strategy. If you’re starting to play at Germany online casinos, I recommend playing at a slower pace, though you have the option to speed it up after you’ve gotten the hang of it.

Each online casino, having a license to operate in Germany, guarantees security, fair games and transparency.


When talking about online gambling, Germany still has a long way to go. The government has taken significant steps in the legalization of online casinos, and that development cannot be ignored. However, even with these reforms accepted, the biggest issue operators have to deal with is the distribution and execution of the rules that have been established.

Still, online gambling is steadily forming in Germany, and one shouldn’t be discouraged or intimidated by the legalization tactics used at the moment. However, based on the progress already made, I’m confident, operators will continue upgrading their establishments to fit the new terms.